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General Statement

The Department of Teaching and Learning is designed primarily for providing professional education for teachers. Although the degree is grant through the College of Liberal Arts, the advanced coursework, taken in the junior and senior years, are offered within the department. Undergraduate certification areas include:

*Note: 6-12 and K-12 licensure areas should contact the Teacher Certification office for licensure & program requirements.

Elementary Education (K-5) : (B.S. Arts & Sciences: Child Development and Learning )

Specifically, the Elementary Education program offers the student the opportunity to prepare for a license to teach in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade. This means that the Tennessee Department of Education certifies that the individual is qualified to teach at those levels and thus is eligible to be hired by public school systems in the state. An endorsement for a given grade level means that the student is especially well prepared for those grades, but is also eligible to teach at whatever level the license includes.

Degree Requirements

  • accumulation of 120-credit hours and a minimum 2.75 GPA, including...
  • the general education core
  • 26 credit hours of content and knowledge courses
  • 37 credit hours of professional education courses
  • 12 hours (one full semester) of residency/student teaching, included in the professional education hours
  • completion of the Senior Exit Exam

Eligibility for admission to the teacher certification program

  • Admission Application (Signed by Advisor)
  • Minimum GPA - 2.75 Cum
  • Pass CORE Academic Skills of Educators, or ACT, or SAT   (only 1 of the three test is required)
    • ACT  score of 21 (Reading, Writing & Math) (effective 1/14/2019)
    • SAT - score of 1080 (Reading & Mathematics)
    • Praxis I CORE for Educators scores  Reading - 5712 (156), Writing 5722 (162), and Math (5732 (150)
  • Clear TBI/FBI Security ClearanceWaiver, and Privacy Act Forms Submitted $35.15 student cost
  • Completed at least 51 semester hours of coursework, including:
    (ENGL 1010, ENGL 1020, PSY 2420, EDCI 2010, plus appropriate sequence of freshman math and science)
  • Professional Resume and URL to your LinkedIn page. Effective Fall 2023 admission
  • Two positive recommendations from your content area professional educator/professor
  • Program of Study / 4 yr Plan which indicates all course completion grades (Signed by Advisor)
  •  *TSU unofficial transcript

*Note: If the applicant has attended other Schools/Universities please request an Official Copy of Transcript (with GPA) to be sent directly to TESS Department. Students must also complete a written application through the Office of Teacher Education and Student Services before being formally admitted to the program, usually during the sophomore year.


For More Information

Dr. Beth Christian
Dr. Beth Christian
Office: 216 Clay Hall
Phone: (615) 963-5324