About the Initiative

HBCU C2 is a national teaching and learning initiative that empowers any HBCU to bring coding and creativity
experiences and program opportunities to their home campus and community. HBCU C2 promotes innovation,
educational equity, and aims to address community challenges using app design and Apple’s Swift programming

HBCU C2  = {Coding & Creativity}


2019 Program Achievements

  1. Established a national HBCU initiative to promote innovation, educational equity, and improve STEM learning outcomes through technology
  2. Convened an inaugural cohort to bring together select HBCU leaders and colleagues from across the nation who are committed to changing the education landscape and creating new opportunities together
  3. Created a national community of practice that will empower all HBCUs with access to innovative tools and teaching strategies for coding by using app design to solve community problems
  4. Demonstrated interest and demand for C2 program offerings with higher ed and community learners

Goal of HBCU C2 Academy

  • Engage in app design and development—embrace a challenge and design an app prototype that can serve as a solution
  • First steps learning foundational concepts for coding with Swift
  • Work as a team to develop and explore possibilities for bringing C2 to your home campus and community

Benefits for HBCU C2 Academy Attendees

  • Professional development and networking
  • Ongoing learning and coaching
  • Leave with the tools you need to get started
  • Earn recognition as an Apple Teacher

Goals for Academic Year 2020-2021

  1. Focus on Faculty Development to create opportunities for students to learn to code
  2. Deepen student engagement and persistence for STEM education through creative expression with video, photography, music, and drawing
  3. Create a pipeline of new IT talent for HBCUs and inspire any individual to build a career supporting Apple technology and solution

HBCU C2 Outreach Model—Building Capacity at Scale
Map of Regional Hubs and Centers

Role of TSU as the National Center for HBCU C2

  • Operates program for all 100+ HBCUs (and local Nashville partners)
  • Cultivates C2 community of practice by role (opportunities for collaboration online and FtF)
  • Delivers professional learning for PD credits, Degree credits and professional skills Badging
  • Connects partners to key resources (Apple Teacher, Today at Apple, NC100BW, ACN, and more)