Supporting the LGBTQ Campus Community 

One of the purposes of the Office of Equity and Inclusion is to foster a sense of inclusivity on the campus. Given this responsibility, the office has two initiatives specific to addressing the needs of, and creating an educational platform about, the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer and/or questioning ("LGBTQ") campus population. 

LGBTQ History Month
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October is national LGBTQ History Month. During this month, our office works with the student group, the TSU Gay-Straight Alliance, to host activities and an awareness campus to highlight issues affecting LGBTQ students. This week of events will typically coincide with National Coming Out Day which is October 11th. 

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is also proud to announce our partnership with The Human Rights Campaign to offer the marquee campus event in recognition of LGBTQ History Month. See the full story here and here.

View the full list of activities in recognition of LGBTQ History Month.

Click Here to register for a TSU Safe Zone Workshop. 

TSU Safe Zone Workshops
tsu safe zone What is TSU Safe Zone?
TSU Safe Zone is a network of supportive allies for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer and/or questioning campus community. The goal of the TSU Safe Zone program is to foster a campus environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Through this program, we hope that all LGBTQ persons on our campus feel safe, welcome, respected and supported. 

Why Do We Need Safe Zone at TSU?
We understand that LGBTQ individuals bring a wide range of life experiences to our college community. Often LGBTQ individuals, individuals who are questioning their own sexual identities, and/or individuals who have LGBTQ friends and family members look for an environment to find support, seek answers to questions, and build connections. Students who build support networks and find a sense of connection with a college are much more likely to succeed. For a LGBTQ student, having a space on campus where he or she can feel comfortable with self ­expression is vital to both personal and academic success.

Further, the TSU's policy against harassment and discrimination states that we will not tolerate the ill treatment of any student, employee, or person seeking to benefit from the University's programs because of their race, color, religion, creed, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation/gender identity/expression, disability, age, or veteran status. 

What is an Ally and Who Can Become One?
An ally is a person who has been educated about the con
cerns and issues of LGBTQ people and th e resources available to support them. Those who participate in the program are choosing to be visible allies and to be trained to be effective resource people for the campus. You can recognize a Safe Zone ally when they display the above symbol in their work or living space. 

All TSU faculty, staff and student are eligible to become a TSU Safe Zone Ally! If you are committed to being involved in changing the climate of the campus community by being supportive of our LGBTQ campus community, and are available to participate in the half day training session, you can become a TSU Safe Zone registered ally.

For a complete listing of current allies and to learn more about allyship, please click here.

Please Contact Us with your questions about TSU Safe Zone. 

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