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TSU Safe Zone Ally Listing

Safe Zone Allyship

Who Are TSU Safe Zone Allies?
TSU Safe Zone Allies agree to be aware of the presence of LGBTQ individuals. They also believe that campuses and communities are enriched by diversity and are willing to assist individuals in accessing support and information resources on campus and in the community.

Allies agree to maintain confidentiality and comfortably use inclusive language, avoid stereotyping and do not assume heterosexuality. To ensure confidentiality, Allies sign contracts promising confidentiality. Allies display the Ally logo prominently in their areas to notify individuals they are a source for understanding, safety and information. Allies make a difference. 

Listing of Current TSU Safe Zone Allies (alphabetized by first name)

Alisa Mosley Academic Affairs McWherter St. 261 963-2923 amosley@tnstate.edu
Amy Sibulkin Psychology Clay Hall, Rm 305 963-5088 asibulkin@tnstate.edu
Barb Kilbourne Sociology Elliot Hall, Rm, 211 963-9388 bkilbourne@tnstate.edu
Brandi Brown-Harris Advisement Center Student Success Center, Rm. 116 963-1584 bbrownha@tnstate.edu
Cheryl Green Student Affairs Floyd Payne Campus Center,  Suite 308 963-5648 cgreen28@tnstate.edu
Erik Schmeller History, Geography, Political Science Crouch Hall, Rm. 216 963-5510 eschmeller@tnstate.edu
Jame'l Hodges  Student Activities Floyd Payne Campus Center, Rm 217 963-5085 jhodges4@tnstate.edu
Jesse/Chuy Aros Counseling Center Student Success Center, Rm 115B 963-5637 jaros@tnstate.edu
Jewell Winn ODIA Crouch Hall, Rm. 106 963-4977 jwinn@tnstate.edu
John Barfield Research & Sponsored Programs RSP, RM 116 963-2291 jbarfield@tnstate.edu
Julie Roberts Academic Success Student Success Center (LRC) St. 102-A 963-5968 jroberts6@tnstate.edu
Justin LaFanteno Advisement Center Student Success Center, Rm 116 963-2151 jlafanta@tnstate.edu
Laura Lockard Department of Chemistry Bowell 221C 963-5342 llockard@tnstate.edu
Linda Knieps Advisement Center Student Success Center (LRC) St. 125 963-5289 lknieps@tnstate.edu
Mario Owens Distance Education AWC, St. 140, Rm 149 963-7013 mowens6@tnstate.edu
Mark Brinkley ODIA Crouch Hall, Rm. 106 963-7660 mbrinkley1@tnstate.edu 
Mark Gunter ODIA Crouch Hall, 106 963-5639  mgunter@tnstate.edu 
Natali Efstathiou Counseling Center Student Success Center, Rm 115 963-5629 nefstathiou@tnstate.edu
Naykishia Head Languages, Literature & Philosophy Davis Humphries, #311 963-5720 ndarby@tnstate.edu
Patricia Scudder   Disability Services Floyd Payne Campus Center, Rm. 117 963-7400 pscudder@tnstate.edu
Peggy Earnest Student Conduct & Judicial Affairs Floyd Payne Campus Center, Rm 308D 963-4920 pearnest@tnstate.edu
Rebecca Dixon Language, Literature & Philosophy Humanities Bldg., Rm 121 963-5728 rdixonk@tnstate.edu
Rita Williams-Seay Equity & Inclusion McWherter Building, Rm. 260 963-7438 rseay@tnstate.edu
Sabrina Brown Academic Success Student Success Center, Rm 104 963-2144 sbrown69@tnstate.edu
Samantha Morgan-Curtis WRITE Program Jackson Hall, Industrial Arts Bldg., Suite 220A (inside Suite 220)  963-1536 scurtis@tnstate.edu
Tiffany Bellafant-Steward First Year Students Student Success Center, Rm. 103A 963-5173 tbellafant@tnstate.edu
Valencia Jordan Athletics  Gentry Complex, Rm 319 963-5754 vjordan@tnstate.edu
Vandy Owen Library Brown-Daniel Library, Rm 119 963-5226 vowen@tnstate.edu

Becoming an ally is easy! Please contact us to express your interest in becoming a TSU Safe Zone ally and we will send you more information about upcoming training dates as they become available.

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