Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership-Higher Education Leadership


Major Educational Leadership
Degree Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
Concentration Higher Education Leadership



Admission to the program requires the applicant to have a master’s or specialist degree from an accredited university, a graduate cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or better on a 4.0 scale on the last graduate degree, three (3) letters of recommendation, an acceptable score on an interview, an acceptable score on a writing sample, and three years of appropriate work experience. All application materials must be submitted to the Graduate School by the deadlines given here.  These dates apply to both on and off campus sites.

The admissions committee will utilize a multi-tiered holistic applicant review process in making the admission decision. The criteria listed above will be evaluated to determine the applicant’s overall potential for success in the program. All criteria are weighted equally, and no one criteria will keep a student out of the program.


Applicants who do not meet the admissions criteria may submit a letter of appeal. The applicant may submit an appeal request form and must include the following: (a) an acceptable work record (resume or curriculum vita), three written letters of recommendation indicating probable success in the program, and completion of the appeals request form to be considered as a conditional student. The appeal’s form will be submitted to the Department Chair. The department chair will provide a recommendation for approval. The Dean will make the final decision.

All application materials must be submitted to the Graduate School by the deadlines below. These dates apply to on campus sites, off campus sites, and online.

Admission Deadlines (Ed.D.)

Fall Admission

  Feburary 1st (extended to July 1st 2023)

**PLEASE NOTE:  Please note, admissions interviews will be held several times throughout the academic year for fall admissions.

Program of Study

Major Field Core (12 Semester hours)

EDAD 6000

Statistics (Prerequisite for EDAD 7180)

EDAD 7040

Leadership and Interpersonal Relationships

EDAD 7120

Advanced Methods of Educational Research

EDAD 7180

Statistical Analysis in Ed. Leadership II

Concentration (33 Semester Hours)

EDAD 7380

Teaching Adult Education                                             

EDAD 7400

Foundations of Higher Education                                   

EDAD 7410

Diversity in Higher Education                                        

EDAD 7450

Economics & Finance in Higher Education          

EDAD 7150

Advanced Legal Problems                                

EDAD 6170

Organization & Administration in Higher Education          

EDAD 7420

Curriculum, Faculty, Students in Higher Education          

EDAD 7430

Seminar in Higher Education                                         

EDAD 7440

Practicum in Higher Education I                                    

EDAD 7441

Practicum in Higher Education II                                   

EDAD 7442

Practicum in Higher Education III                                  

AGSC 6510

Advanced Geospatial Information Systems                    


(AGSC 6510 Prerequisite for EDAD 7499)

EDAD 7499

Marketing in Higher Education                                      

Electives (9 Semester Hours)







****NOTE:  Consultation with your advisor is required in the selection of electives.)                                                                                          

Dissertation (6-15 Semester Hours)

EDAD 8100

Doctoral Dissertation   

60 credit hours are the minimum required for the Ed.D.

*Please see your advisor before registering for courses. Programs of study may vary dependent upon individual date of admission.


The doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education Leadership is designed to offer students the experience of advanced study and research in their field of specialization.  Study at the doctoral level requires a high level of motivation, dedication, and persistence by students who are committed to:  (1) improving their personal and professional goals, and (2) advancing knowledge in their chosen field of study through independent and high quality dissertation research. 

The degree requirements consist of the following: 

  1. A minimum of sixty (60) semester hours of approved course work beyond the Master’s degree;
  2. Twelve (12) semester hours in the doctoral core;
  3. Thirty-three (33) semester hours in the major core;
  4. Nine (9) semester hours of electives; and,
  5. Six to fifteen (6-15) semester hours for the satisfactory completion of the doctoral dissertation.

Also required is the successful completion of a written qualifying and comprehensive examination and residency of a minimum of eighteen (18) semester hours over a period of four (4) semesters. All courses must be taken in order. Candidates must see their advisor prior to registering each semester.

Grades of “C” or lower cannot count toward the doctoral degree, nor does the grade of “C” or lower meet eligibility requirements for the Comprehensive Examinations.  Courses with a “C” or lower must be retaken for a higher grade. Students can only retake a course a maximum of two times.  Students not successfully completing a course with a grade of “B” or better after the second attempt may be dismissed from the degree program.

For More Information Contact:  Dr. Carole de Casal, (615) 963-7355,

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