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Higher Education Administration & Leadership Certificate



Tennessee State University's online Certificate in Higher Education Administration & Leadership is designed for administrators, faculty, and other professionals who want to develop their leadership skills to work in a higher education setting. This synchronous online program offers an introduction to the roles and responsibilities of leadership in higher education and specifically addresses leadership/management, organization/administration, foundations of higher education, curriculum, human resources, communication for school executives. The specific goal of this certificate program is to provide leadership training to a variety of disciplines to bear particularly on the practices of leading at the higher education level. Hence, this certificate is appropriate for higher education professionals with degrees in other disciplines, who have leadership roles in higher education or plan to assume a leadership role.




Admission to the program requires the applicant to have a master’s or specialist degree from an accredited university, a graduate cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or better on a 4.0 scale on the last graduate degree. All application materials must be submitted to the Graduate School through GradCas. Please submit official transcripts at time of application.





Fall, Spring,

Summer Admission

Open Enrollment






EDAD 7400


Foundations in Higher Education (Fall Semester)

EDAD 7200

Human Resources Administration (Fall Semester)

EDAD 7420

Curriculum, Students, and Faculty in Higher Education (Spring Semester)

EDAD 7040

Leadership and Interpersonal Relations (Spring Semester)

EDAD 6170

Organization and Administration of Higher Education (Summer Semester)

EDAD 7300

Communication for School Executives Education (Summer Semester)


(NOTE: Consultation with your advisor is required in the selection of courses.)


*Please see your advisor before registering for courses. Programs of study may vary dependent upon individual date of admission.


CERTIFICATE REQUIREMENTS: Completion of 18 Credit Hours. All courses must be taken in order. Grades of “C” or lower cannot count toward the certificate. Courses with a “C” or lower must be retaken for a higher grade. Students can only retake a course a maximum of

two times. Students not successfully completing a course with a grade of “B” or better after the second attempt may be dismissed from the program.

Contact:  Dr. Trinetia Respress     Email:  trespress@tnstate.edu    Phone:  615-963-5448