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Who is my Academic Advisor in the Educational Leadership Department?

In the Department of Educational Leadership, we believe in going above and beyond to ensure that our students achieve their academic goals.  At admissions, each student is assigned a faculty member as their academic advisor.  If you do not know who your academic advisor is, please contact Karen Avant at 615-963-5450 or

For all new students admitted effective Fall 2021, your academic advisor will be alphabetically assigned based on PreK-12 Administration (M.Ed. Ed.S. and Ed.D.) and Higher Education Leadership (Ed. D).

Instructional Leadership PreK-12 Administration (M.Ed. Ed.S. and Ed.D.) 
 Alphabet  Faculty Advisor  Email   Telephone # 
A-F Dr. Kirmanj Gundi (615) 963-2298
G-L  Dr. Eleni Elder  (615) 963-5128 
M-S   Dr. Soala Dede  (615) 963-5304  
T-Z  Dr. Terrance McNeil (615) 963-2111


Higher Education Leadership (Ed.D.)  
 Alphabet  Faculty Advisor  Email   Telephone # 
A-I Dr. Carole de Casal (615)-963-1556
Dr. Janet Finch    (615)-963-5451
R-Z  Dr. Eric Vogel    (615)-963-5470

What Can I Expect from my Academic Advisor?

Your academic advisor will: 

  • monitor progress toward educational/career goals.
  • meet with you at least once each semester to review their progress toward completing the proposed academic program, as well as to discuss grades and other performance indicators. Advisement is a pre-requisite for successful registration, and it is the sole responsibility of the student to make an appointment to speak with their advisors before enrolling in classes for each semester. 
  • be familiar with your program of study and provide guidance on courses offered each semester. Your program of study can be viewed by going to your MYTSU account and clicking on Degree Works.
  • provide a transcript analysis for students transferring credits into the institution.
  • discuss the various impediments to success in the program, and be able to advise you on the best ways to be successful.
  • provide  Student Success Plans to support students who are unsuccessful in various areas of their academic performance. 
  •  refer you to other campus offices for assistance in academic, personal, career counseling, academic skills development, and financial aid.

What is my Role as an Advisee?

The advisee is an equal partner in the advising process. As an advised, you are ultimately responsible for your educational choices and decisions. You are expected to:

  • contact and schedule regular appointments with your advisor each semester as required or when you need assistance,
  • prepare for advising sessions, and bring appropriate resources or materials.
  • come prepared for your registration advising session with a planned schedule for the forthcoming semester.
  • become knowledgeable and adhere to institutional policies, procedures, and requirements.
  • bring the appropriate forms to be completed to your advising session. All pertinent forms can be found online at the Department of Educational Leadership website and or in the office of your respective Department Chair.
  • accept final responsibility for your academic progress and completion of all requirements for graduation.
  • Please complete the academic advisement electronic logging form after each advisement session.  Electronic Logging Form  

How Do I Change My Advisor?

If you desire to change your academic advisor, you must identify a new advisor.  If you are unsure of who you would like to select, please contact the Department Chair.  Once you have identified a new advisor, please complete the Change of Advisement/Committee Personnel Section on the  Change of Program or Personnel Form .

Academic Advisement Feedback

In order for us to provide exceptional student services, we need your feedback.  Please tell us how we are doing.  Please click the complete the Academic Advisement Survey.