Faculty Led Study Abroad


Office of International Affairs (OIA)

2019 Faculty Led Study Abroad Grants

The Office of International Affairs has a grant program for faculty led group study abroad and international education.   These are competitive grants which will help to further the goal of providing opportunities for students and increasing international knowledge, understanding, and exchange.

Study grants for groups of students led by a faculty member can be funded up to $25,000 maximum for programs that may be of short duration (less than 15 days) or longer cultural immersion programs (less than 6 weeks). Students may be responsible for some part of the cost as indicated by the program faculty.  All study abroad grants are funded from the $10 International Education Fee students are assessed each academic semester.

Each program should be intended to optimize a student’s learning experience while at Tennessee State University and must be international in nature. Groups may travel to other countries for cultural immersion which may include traditional study abroad, international conferences, or service/study projects. A few activities held within the United States with a major focus on international topics may be considered, but travel outside of the country will be the priority.

Academic credit may be offered for the longer cultural immersion programs. The program may be conducted in collaboration with an overseas institution or other accredited programs. Most will be associated with University classes. This experience should provide students with language training, cultural orientation or training in a specific discipline. Some intensive language training as well as necessary cultural orientation before the trip may be offered and funds may be used to provide these by special University Programs.

All persons interested in Study Grants for Groups must submit a proposal to the Office of International Affairs – International Education for full review by  the TSU International Education Advisory Board.  Go to the Operational Policies and Procedures - Appendix A - International Program Proposal Guide for more information on the content of your proposal.  Summer 2019 proposals may be submitted from August 27, 2017 through August 24, 2018.  The deadline for 2019 proposals is August 24, 2018.  Group Study Abroad grants may be initiated by full time faculty only. Proposals (not to exceed 5 pages) must include:


  • Address the nine areas of The Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad- https://forumea.org/resources/standards-of-good-practice/
  • Proposed country contacts and logistical arrangements
  • Plan for student recruitment and orientation plan
  • Proposed budget and indication of what part(s) of the budget will be covered by the Group Study Grant. The budget should be a separate sheet.


The geographic area of these study trips should be driven by the interest of faculty and students and the specific objectives of the curriculum and/or the mission of the University. Geographic selection must indicate consideration of

  • Political and security stability of the designated country
  • Air transportation access and facility
  • How the particular experience relates to or augments curricular  


Offerings at the University

  • In country logistical arrangements
  • Cost consideration and affordability


Student Selection Criteria for Group Study Trips

  • Students must be meet or exceed the 2019 TSU student study abroad requirements
  • Be in possession of a valid passport or have made application for a passport
  • Complete an application form with a personal statement submitted to the faculty leading the group study
  • Be approved by the faculty member leading the study group


All faculty leading study groups must submit appropriate travel forms and applications of students upon receipt of grant award letter.

Proposals should be submitted to The Office of International Affairs, ATTN: Mark Brinkley, Director - International Education or electronically to mbrinkley1@tnstate.edu. for full review by the TSU International Education Advisory Board.  Your proposal must be received by 6 p.m. on August 24, 2018. 

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