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Being an MPA student in the College of Public Service is a rigorous and rewarding experience. It is an experience that develops and then demands greatness from students. Therefore, it is essential that students are afforded as much guidance as possible. The purpose of this page is to provide students with a variety of resources that will prove beneficial in the journey from day one to graduation.

  • MPA Student Handbook 
    • The MPA Student Handbook presents the policies and processes associated with earning an MPA from TSU's College of Public Service. The policies provided are in addition to general policies set forth by TSU's School of Graduate and Professional Studies. Students should consult the Graduate Catalog's section on the MPA, as well as this handbook.
  • 3-Semester Course Schedule 
    • This schedule is proactively developed to provide current and prospective students with an understanding of when courses will be offered in the future and the ability to see the relationship between the graduate certificates and the MPA degree. Students should always consult their Advisor when deciding on the course selections.
  • MPA Program of Study Form
    • In your first semester you should arrange a meeting with your Advisor to complete a draft program of study (plan for graduation). After successfully completing three (3) courses, arrange a second meeting to finalize your program of study that will be submitted to the Graduate School, and to discuss the internship or internship waiver requirements. You should arrange a meeting with your advisor prior to your last semester in the program to discuss necessary steps for graduation. Seeking advising regularly is an important responsibility as a graduate student, and it will help to ensure a smooth path through the program.
  • MPA Comprehensive Exam Dates
    • All MPA students must pass a comprehensive exam in order to graduate with the degree. You can request to take the MPA comprehensive exam when you have at least 30 credits complete in the program, and when you have completed (or are completing that semester) your core courses. You must have a 3.0 GPA to sit for the exam. The exam covers core courses, not electives. Review these  frequently asked questions about the MPA comprehensive exam. They include details of exam format, a link to sample comprehensive exam questions, and also study strategies.

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