Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Administration and Planning


This program is not accepting new students at this time; please consider our other programs.

The information below is for our current students; with questions please contact your advisor.

For certificate students admitted for Spring 2017 and thereafter, the curriculum requires six 3-credit courses:

  1. PADM 6550 Epidemiology (independent study only for current students)
  2. PADM 6130 Research Methods (Fall)
  3. PADM 6515 Health Organizations and Delivery Systems (independent study only for current students)
  4. PADM 6110 Statistics for Public Administrators (Spring)
  5. PADM 6190 Financial Management for Health and Nonprofit Organizations (Summer)
  6. PADM 6390 Ethics and Values in the Public Service (Fall, Summer)

Seek advising before registration every semester to make sound course choices and stay on track for completion (contact your advisor). Students who want to pursue this certificate along with either the MPA or PhD should seek advising each semester before choosing any electives in the certificate to minimize chances of having to take an extra course while satisfying each set of requirements.

Program flyer for the certificate; competencies included in certificate-specific courses

Key guiding documents

  • TSU Graduate catalog - know the policies in the front of the catalog which apply to all grad students as well as the program specific policies in the College of Public Service section. Important updates relevant to the admissions criteria (GPA) and total credit requirements for the Healthcare Administration and Planning Graduate Certificate are contained in these updates and revisions to the 2015-2017 Graduate Catalog; please review.

What classes should I take? What forms must I complete along the way?

How do I get ready to complete my program?


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