Public Administration Graduate Courses


Admissions | For entrance requirements see the Graduate Catalog 

Planning coursework  |  Seek advising to plan your course-taking.  DegreeWorks in myTSU shows current students what courses are in their curriculum; they must still work with their advisor to finalize a plan of study semester by semester that takes into account when specific courses are offered (we do not offer every course every semester). Prospective students should consult the Graduate Catalog to see the required curriculum. 

Sample past syllabi | Please do not buy books based on these sample syllabi from past semesters. The examples of past semester syllabi in the table on this page are provided to help give prospective students insight into the learning objectives and content covered in our public administration programs. Syllabi change each semester as courses evolve and improve. The syllabus distributed by your instructor is the official guiding document for your class and semester. To purchase books in advance, contact your instructor. If you are not sure who is teaching the course in a given semester, consult the online TSU course schedule.  If you are still not sure contact the Public Administration department chair. Seek advising regarding course selection each semester

* Note: The MPA internship of 300 hours (six credits) may be exempted, given required documentation and advisor approval, for MPA students who have at least one year of appropriate professional public sector, healthcare or nonprofit experience. Otherwise the internship is required to receive the MPA.

PADM 6110 Statistics for Public Administrators (MPA Core)
PADM 6130 Research Methods in Public Administration (MPA Core)
PADM 6150 Information Technology in Public Administration (MPA Core)
PADM 6190 Financial Management for Nonprofit and Healthcare Orgs.
PADM 6210 Seminar in Public Administration (MPA Core)
PADM 6230 Seminar in Fiscal Mgmt.: Public Budgeting (MPA Core)
PADM 6240 Seminar in Staff Functions: Personnel Management (MPA Core)
PADM 6310 Seminar in Organization Theory (MPA Core)
PADM 6390 Ethics and Values in the Public Service
PADM 6400 Project Development and Implementation
PADM 6410 Public Policy Analysis (MPA Core)
PADM 6420 Conflict Management and Resolution
PADM 6430 Seminar in Contemporary Public Policy
PADM 6450 Decision Tools and Project Planning 
PADM 6470 Tennessee State Government
PADM 6490 Politics of Administration (MPA Core)
PADM 6500 MPA Internship*
PADM 6950 Intro to Nonprofit Organizations
PADM 6960 Resource Development for Nonprofits
PADM 7000 Theory & Practice of Public Administration (Phd only)
PADM 7130 Research Methods in Public Administration  (Phd only)
PADM 7140 Applied Quantitative Techniques in Public Administration  (Phd only)
PADM 7220 Seminar in Administrative Management  (Phd only)
PADM 7230 Seminar in Public Budgeting & Finance ("Public Budgeting II" in schedule) (Phd only)
PADM 7310 Public Organization Theory  (Phd only)
PADM 7410 Seminar in Public Policy Implementation  (Phd only)