Application Details

Required Materials


High School Students

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High School Student Must:

  1. To participate, the applicant must meet the following criteria:
    1. Be a full-time high school student in the 9th to 12th grade.
    2. Have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale);
    3. Have successfully completed or enrolled in Algebra I / Integrated Math I.

    To apply, please submit the following:
    1. Submit one recommendation letter (from a recent math teacher);
    2. Submit a personal statement indicating how your participation in the program will benefit you (< 300 words).
    3. Current unofficial transcript.

Student Mentors

The ASMI program is not accepting any student mentors at this time.

Math Facilitators

The ASMI program is not accepting any math facilitators at this time.