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How To Use Your Phone

Avaya 9608G Voip Phone

Avaya Telephone Home Screen

  • Screen informational fields and corresponding selection buttons. There are four info fields along the bottom of your display. These fields will display choices depending on the situation. To activate one of the choices simply press the corresponding white button.

Avaya Telephones Screen Informational Fields

  • Home Button – this button will take you to the “home” screen shown below. No matter what screen you are at if you press this button it will bring you back to the “home” screen.

Avaya Phones Home Button

  • Voice mail button – press this button to access your voice mail (it will be red if you have messages waiting).  After pressing the button the Audix VM system will ask you to enter your extension followed by the # key. It will then prompt for you password followed by the # key.

Avaya Phone Voice Mail Button

  •   Call History button – press this button display your call history information.

Avaya Phone Call History Button

  • Setup button – this button takes you into menus to change various features of the phone.

Avaya Phone Setup Button

  • Address Book button – press this button to access your address book. NOTE – this address book is separate from your contacts list in e-mail and does not interact with it.

Avaya Phone Address Book Button

  • Headphone set button – this button is used for headset if needed. Most current headsets do not require this button to activate the headset.

Please contact Ms. Sheila Brown (963-7611 or sbrown37@tnstate.edu) for current information on compatible headsets for the Avaya 9608G phone.

Avaya Phone HeadSet Button

  • Speaker phone button – this button will allow to use the phone in hands free/speaker phone mode.

Avaya Phone Speaker Phone Button

  • Mute button – turn off your handset or speaker phones ability to communicate. Use for privacy.

Avaya Phone Mute Button

  • Volume button – controls the volume

Avaya Phone Volume Button

  • Screen selection buttons – these four buttons on either side of the screen correspond to the field shown on the screen. The choices shown in the screen fields vary depending on the situation.

Avaya Phone Screen Selection Buttons