Financial Aid Refunds

Step-by-step Process

To obtain a financial aid refund, please review the REFUND CHECKLIST and follow these five steps:

Step #1: Log into MyTSU and sign up for direct deposit under the "student tab."

1- Log in to "myTSU"
2- Select “Banner Services” tab.
3- Select “Student” tab.
4- Select the “Student Account” link.
5- Select “Refund Account Information” link. 

Step #2: Check your account at to see if you have a credit balance. Refunds are processed daily based on the published Refund Date for the term.  Student accounts with a credit balances will receive a refund after the student has confirmed that he or she will attend the current term (see Confirming Attendance).

Step #3: Contact the Bursar's Office if the credit amount has not been processed to you after seven days of it appearing on your account.  Keep in mind that some scholarships do not allow refunds and PLUS Loan excess amounts are sent to the parent (unless instructed otherwise).  Refunds will NOT be issued for financial aid that is in "estimated" status.  Refunds of credit card payments are returned the the card that was used to make the payment.