Virtual Undergraduate Orientation & Advisement

For Adult, Distance Leaners, Transfer and Veteran Students


Meeting Links will be active Saturday, August 13, 2022

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Welcome to the Fall 2022 Undergraduate Virtual Orientation and Advisement for Adult, Distance Learners, Transfer and Veteran Students

To Access Zoom Sessions click the  ZOOM links  below for College/Department or Student Support Services.

Orientation and Advisement (9:00 am-10:00am)
Academic Advisement (10:00 am-12:00 pm)


Student Support Services

Zoom Link/Video/Phone

Undergraduate Orientation for Adult, Distance Learners, Transfer and Veteran Students

9AM – 10AM

Adult Learner Orientation Zoom Link Meeting ID: 873 9754 0195

AFROTC Det 790

AFROTC Zoom Link Meeting ID: 828 7165 6522

Career Development Center

Career Development Center Zoom Link Meeting ID: 634 832 6860

Identification (ID Center)

ID Card Zoom Link M2I1VEJzOVp6UT09

Meeting ID: 718 6006 4321
Passcode: HnG3rG

Office of Admissions and Recruitment

Admissions Zoom Link Meeting ID: 369 411 8808

Office of Disability Services

“Do you have a disability, IEP, or 504 plan and need to know how to receive academic support”? Please click to join.

Disability Services Zoom Link

Office of Financial Aid

Financial Aid Zoom Link Meeting ID: 832 1651 5288

Office of Student Support Services for Adult, Distance Learners, Transfer and Veteran Students

Student Support Services Zoom Link Meeting ID: 854 8929 6919

P.A.S.S. Tutoring

P.A.S.S Tutoring Zoom Link


Records - Office of the Registrar

Records Zoom Link


Testing Center (Senior Exit Exam)

Testing Center Zoom Link F 2NWZUU1V4Zz09


Writing Center

Writing Center Zoom Link

College/Department (Advisement)

Zoom Link/Video/Phone

Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Sciences Zoom Link

Architectural and Civil Engineering

Architectural/Civil Engineering Zoom Link Meeting ID: 826 7234 5374

Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 895 4133 2991


Business Zoom Link


Chemistry Zoom Link HZ5TEVXQTRyUT09

Meeting ID: 865 0121 9867
Passcode: 955389

College of Health Sciences

(Dental Hygiene, Cardiorespiratory Care, Health Information Management, Human Performance and Sport Science, Nursing, Public Health Administration, Health Sciences)

College of Health Sciences Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 844 4118 1593

College of Liberal Arts

(Art and Design, Arts and Sciences (IDS), Communications, Criminal Justice, History, Music, Political Science, Geography and Africana Studies, Languages, Literature and Philosophy, Sociology)

Liberal Arts Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 946 9342 5159

Computer Science

Computer Science Zoom Link

Economics and Finance

Economics and Finance Zoom Link

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical/Computer Engineering Zoom Link BjMHFUSVBCUT09

Meeting ID: 885 2481 8056

Passcode: 405465

Interdisciplinary and
Professional Studies (TNeCampus)

Interdisciplinary/Professional Studies Zoom Link aXNKeXNGQW5UQT09

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering Zoom Link i SVNCTSt5QT09

Meeting ID: 838 7344 3399
Passcode: 129875


Psychology Zoom Link

Social Work and Urban Studies

Social Work/Urban Studies Zoom Link 1hMRE02NjFkdz09

Meeting ID: 847 0967 3168
Passcode: 868415

Teaching and Learning

(Elementary Education, Early Childhood)

Teaching and Learning Zoom Link Meeting ID: 856 0436 8148

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