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How to Register in myTSU Fall Registration Begins March 1
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How to Find Xtreme Winter Break Courses in myTSU

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More Questions? 
We got you covered with these tips.

  1. Always see an advisor before registering
  2. Register only for those courses approved by your advisor and are aligned with your major, minor, or concentration
  3. If you are registering for a Biology course, you must add both the course and the lab at the same time by adding the course to your worksheet (do not submit changes), search for the lab and add it to your worksheet, then submit changes
  4. Use a Trial Schedule Worksheet to keep track of class days and times when registering to avoid time conflicts
  5. Be aware that an "AWC" location for a class indicates that it meets on the downtown Avon Williams Campus
  6. If you register for a class on the downtown campus, allow enough time between classes to accommodate travel
  7. Be aware that section 98 of a class indicates an online class
  8. Be aware the section R50 of a class indicates a Regents online class and does incur additional fees
  9. Make sure to confirm your classes after you have completed your registration
  10. Plan to meet with your advisor at least twice during the semester to discuss progress and plan for future semesters