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ASC Advisement is the academic advising unit in the Academic Success Center. Our office is committed to education, empowerment, and engagement through academic advising and success coaching. 

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Services and Registration Processes by Student Population

Advising Quick Facts for Students

New freshmen and their parents/families are encouraged to visit our first-year support page, here .

New transfers  click here  for more information.

PRE-REGISTRATION | Students meet with advisors before registration opens to identify courses needed for the upcoming term. Most appointments are completed in February/March (spring term) and September/October (fall term). Following this trend, students are able to get advisement holds lifted before registration opens. 

OPEN REGISTRATION | View available courses using Schedule Planner or Look Up Classes in myTSU. To access both tools, log into myTSU, and go to the Student menu. From the Student menu, click Registration and choose the tool. View our How To Register Video to understand what to look for when registering to avoid additional fees.

TRANSCRIPT and CREDIT EVALUATION | Both are processed by the Records Office . If you have questions regarding courses missing from your TSU transcript, please contact the Records Office.

First-year freshmen admitted fall 2021 were block scheduled by an advisor in the fall and are allowed to self-register for the spring term.

Common holds processed in our office that prevents registration are:

  • First-Time Freshmen (A6)

The ASC will lift or remove for two groups of students: 1) continuing freshmen (entered TSU Spring 2021 or before) who have not earned 30 credit hours and are advised by ASC Advisors or 2) new transfers advised in the academic department at the request of an Academic Affairs Dean, Department Chair, or Faculty Advisor.

  • Academic Probation (PR)
  • Academic Hold for Suspension (AH)

Please visit our Academic Recovery page for more information on the registration process for students with probation and suspension academic standing.

  • Academic Foci for undeclared students (AF)

Other common holds from other offices that prevent registration are:

Common registration errors are:

  • Pre-requisite/test score error: You need to complete a pre-requisite course or fulfill a minimum test score before registering for the course you're trying to register for. Contact your advisor for help to resolve this error.
  • Co-requisite error: You must add courses at the same time (i.e. BIOL 1010 ad BIOL 1011) to resolve this error. This does not mean registering for the same class time. Instead, you will identify CRNs for both classes and add the CRNs to your worksheet or the blank CRN boxes in the Add/Drop feature from the Registration menu.
  • Closed section error: This typically means the course has reached capacity and you will need to register for a different section or receive special permission.
  • Program restriction error: You attempted to register for an RODP/TN eCampus course with a section number with the letter "R" (ex. R01, R25, R50, etc.). These courses require additional documentation and incur additional fees. Contact Bryan Thorpe for help with RODP/TN eCampus courses.
  • Time conflict error: You need to find a course and section that do not conflict with the day/time of other courses you have registered for.
  • Contact advisor: You need to contact the department responsible for the course to get assistance. For example, if it's an English course, contact the English department.
  • Immunization hold: You need to contact Student Health Services.

Visit our Registration Assistance page here for additional help.


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ASC Advisement Philosophy

We believe a student-centered focus is essential to a positive impact on students. To accomplish this, our services are holistic in nature and individually applied to honor the diversity and individuality of our students. Our advising and coaching practices are delivered through individual, small/large group sessions, and virtual learning. Furthermore, we recognize that in order to meet the total needs of a student, it is sometimes necessary to refer and seek assistance from resources outside of our area. 

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