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The National Small Farm Conference, held every three to four years, brings together land grant universities, community-based organizations and other stakeholders who work with small farmers and ranchers.  The conference aims to strengthen collaboration and partnership among groups and provide an opportunity to share new ideas in research, extension and outreach.

At each conference, successes in small farm activities are shared, as well as innovative ideas in research, extension and outreach to strengthen collaboration and partnership among state specialists who work to ensure that small farmers and ranchers not only survive, but thrive in today’s economy.  These conferences also serve as a forum to discuss the results of research that addresses challenges faced by small farmers and ranchers.  

The Seventh National Small Farm Conference will be held September 20-22, 2016 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center, Virginia Beach, VA. 

The links below will take you the proceedings for the first six National Small Farms Conferences.  

  First National Small Farm Conference, Nashville, TN  September 10-13, 1996
  Second National Small Farm Conference, St. Louis, MO  October 12 - 15, 1999
  Third National Small Farm Conference, Albuquerque, NM  September 17-20, 2002
  Fourth National Small Farm Conference, Greensboro, NC  October 16-19, 2005
  Fifth National Small Farm Conference, Springfield, IL  September 15-17, 2009
  Sixth National Small Farm Conference, Memphis, TN  September 18-20, 2012

For additional information about the National Small Farm Conference Series, contact:
Denis Ebodaghe, Ph.D.
National Program Leader for Small Farms
USDA – National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Phone: 202-401-4385