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Recent Publications

Refereed Articles 

Laska, L. L. (2012).  What Every Personal Injury Lawyer Should Know About Nanotechnology.  Trial Magazine.  

Laska, L. L. (in press, 2011).  Nanotech Safety: Professor Laska's Guide to Literature and Resources.  Nanotechnolody Law & Business, 8 (2), 371-413.  

Laska, L. L. (in press, 2010).  Nanotechnology and Exploding Steamboats: Nobody to Blame.  Nanotechnolody Law & Business, 7 (4), 265-277.  

Laska, L. L. (2009).  Afraid of Getting Sued?  OBG Management, 21 (10), 35-40.  

Laska, L. L. (2008).  A Historic Review of Tennessee's Death Penalty: From 1782 - 1862: The Deaths of Slaves and Horse Stealers.  Nashville Bar Journal, 10-11 18-19.  

Laska, L. L. (2008).  The Tennessee Death Penalty.  Tennessee Historical Quarterly, 67 (1), 22-34.  


Laska, L. L. (2011).  Legal Executions In Tennessee: A Comprehensive Registry. Jefferson, North Carolina:  McFarland & Company, Inc.  

Lowry, T. P. & Laska, L. (2008).  Confederate Death Sentences. Virginia:  Thomas P. Lowry.  

Book Chapters 


Laska, L. L. (2008). The Tennessee Constitution: Conservatism From an Unlikely Source,  In George E. Connor and Christopher W. Hammons (Eds.), The Constitutions of the States (pp. 353-367).  

Presentation of Non-Refereed Papers 


Laska, L. L. (2010). What Do You See? The Tennessee State Fair: Legal and Accounting.   Metropolitan Nashville City Council, Nashville, Tennessee.


Laska, L. L. (2008). What Do We Know About Television Commercials, University film and Video Association.   Colarado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado.



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