Conduct in the Library

The Library is open to all users. It is imperative that silence and reasonable behavior be observed in the Library at all times. Library provides an atmosphere that is conducive to scholarly research study. Study groups should meet in the study group rooms located on the second floor. Devices to listen to music should be used with personal earphones. All problems should be brought to the attention of the library faculty and staff. Cellular phones and beepers should be turned off upon entering the Library. Cellular phone conversations should be made outside the Library building. Smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the Library. Students may be asked to leave the library if they fail to adhere to library policies.

The Library is not responsible for the loss of personal items. Personal items brought to the Library should not be left unattended.

All books belonging to the Library must be presented for checking by Library staff at the Circulation desk before exiting. Briefcases, bags and coats and any other possessions must be offered for examination if requested by Library staff.

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