Vanderbilt University Libraries Access Cards (for use by TSU Faculty/Students)

The Vanderbilt University Libraries have instituted a new access policy for patrons not directly affiliated with Vanderbilt. TSU, as a member of the Nashville Area Library Alliance (NALA), has received access cards to be used by TSU faculty and/or students desiring to use Vanderbilt library facilities.

The current distribution plan for TSU users of the NALA access cards is as follows:

  • Cards will be available on a first-come, first-served basis from the Reference Department of the Brown-Daniel Library at the main campus  and the Reference/Circulation Desk of the Avon Williams Campus Library. Users will be asked to provide current verification of TSU status (faculty/student identification card) and will be informed that the card must be returned to the TSU Library location within 24 hours.
  • The NALA access cards are for entrance (by individuals only) to Vanderbilt libraries; they cannot be used for checking out materials, making photocopies, using computer systems and services, etc. At the time a request is made, TSU patrons will be informed of existing resources (full-text articles from online databases, electronic books, interlibrary services, etc.) which may provide suitable information which will make a trip to Vanderbilt unnecessary.
  • However, if the patron has exhausted TSU Library resources and desires immediate access to Vanderbilt, the NALA access card will be issued for a 24-hour time period. The TSU Library expects our patrons to honor this stipulation; after 24 hours, the Vanderbilt University Libraries will be contacted and the card will be deactivated.
  • Persons using the NALA access cards are expected to abide by the policies established by Vanderbilt, TSU, and/or NALA. This will ensure that others will be allowed to access the Vanderbilt facilities, and help to maintain collegiality and cooperation among libraries in the Nashville area.

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