Security Policy

The Brown-Daniel Library defines security violations in two categories: violation against persons and violations against property.

Violations against personal security are discussed under university rules.
(See University Policy)

A. The following actions constitute violations against the property of the Library:

  1. To misshelve or "stash" library resources within the Library for exclusive use of a  person or group.
  2. To deface, mutilate and damage library property
  3. To remove or attempt to remove library property from the Library without proper authorization (all circulating materials should be checked out)
  4. To steal library property and/or profit from stolen library property.
  5. To be in non-public areas without authorization at all times.
  6. To refuse to show ID upon request of Library personnel.
  7. To ignore overdue or recall notices.

B. Security Procedures

    For the security of library materials, users and staff, library personnel are authorized:

  1. To check the books and possessions of persons leaving the library, including book bags, and brief cases.
  2. To request to see the ID of any person entering or exiting the library.
  3. To question anyone who may have violated the library regulations.
  4. To call Tennessee State University Campus Police while requesting the possible  violator to wait until the Campus Police arrives.

C. Formal Disciplinary Procedure

Violations mentioned above may result in disciplinary action including financial penalties, reprimand, probation, suspension or dismissal through the campus judicial system.

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