Study Rooms Policy

As a part of the Library’s Covid 19 policies, study rooms are available by reservation only.

How to reserve a study a room in the TSU Library:

1.      A Tennessee State University email address is required to reserve a study room.

2.      Go to:

3.      Please select the location, room type, and capacity in the dropdown menus. The   maximum occupancy is four persons for Room 220. All other study rooms are limited to one person during COVID-19 precautions.

4.       The date to request a room is selected by clicking, “Go to Date”.

5.      If a room is unavailable, users can click, “Next Available”.

6.      The time slot is selected by clicking in the green squares. Red squares show that the room            occupied, or being cleaned. Users must allow for time to disinfect the room.

7.      The time slots are reserved in two hour increments. There is a time limit of four hours per user within a 24 period.

8.      Please  enter name and TSU e-mail address.

9.      A confirmation email will be sent with a code and link to check into the study room.

    10.Please go to the Reference desk on the second floor to have a staff member open the door to the study room.

Study Room Conduct Policy:

Users are required to adhere to library policies while using a study room. Social distancing and mask policies remain in effect. Eating is not allowed. Smoking, including vaping is prohibited. Only drinks in sealed bottles are allowed. Please dispose of any litter.

In the event of excessive noise and boisterous conduct, users will be asked to leave. Future use of the study room can be denied to due to behavior problems regarding social distancing, excessive noise, eating, boisterous conduct, and excessive litter.

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