As the faculty and staff of the Tennessee State University Libraries, we will be guided by the following values in providing library resources and services to the Tennessee State University and the community at large:

  • Service- we provide quality service to our users by providing access to relevant and well-organized collections; excellent bibliographic instruction; and professional conduct 
  • Respect- we treat our users with respect at all times, we are always fair to our co-workers and colleagues and we build and environment of teamwork and comraderie 
  • Collaboration- we collaborate with our colleagues across departments and seek partnerships with faculty in teaching and learning
  •  Diversity- We recognize and respect diversity in the Library users and staff
  • Communication- We encourage communication by exchange of information and open and frank discussions
  • Authority and Accountability- We believe in affording the staff the opportunity to make decisions concerning their daily work tasks and  at the same time expect them to adhere to the Library and University policies and practices and by setting high work performance
  • Ethics- We accept the principles of the American Library Association Code of Ethics during our daily work, in interactions with our users and colleagues and comply with all laws that cover copyright, licensing and user record issues
  • Professional Growth- We aim for excellence in our profession and foster professional growth of our co-workers

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