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Main Campus Library  
Phone Number (615) 963-5064
FAX Number (615) 963-5216
Avon Williams (Downtown) Campus Library  
Phone Number (615) 963-7188
FAX Number (615) 963-7193
Main Campus Media Center  
Phone Number (615) 963-5743
FAX Number (615) 963-5745
Avon Williams (Downtown) Campus Media Center  
Phone Number (615) 963-7198/7323
FAX Number (615) 963-7200
Glenda AlvinInterim Executive Director 963-5230
Xuemei (Sherry) Ge, Head, Technology, Assessment and Systems  963-5237
Colette Bradley, Computer Specialist 963-5489
Anthony Gonzalez, Library Services Manager - Web Applications 963-1353
Acquisitions /Serials  
Glenda AlvinDirector for Collection Management and Administration 963-5230
Vanessa (Vandy) OwenElectronic Resources  Librarian  963-5226
Meaghanne Hooberry Senior Library Assistant/Admin Services
Ernest Miah, Senior Library Assistant 963-5229
Avon Williams Campus Library  
Robert Bell, Coordinator 963-7185
Mitchell Chamberlain, Circulation Librarian 963-7190
Vacant, Reference/Serials Librarian 963-7187
Jianhua Fan, Library Assistant III  963-7191
Vacant, Library Assistant III 963-7186
Kendrea Gregory, Library Clerk 963-7195
Julie Huskey, Head of Cataloging 963-5236
Anna Presley Dyer, Catalog Librarian 963-5235
Bethany Spencer,  Access Services Librarian  963-5242
Michael Doster, Access Services Evening Supervisor 963-5204
Vanessa Smith, Library Assistant I 963-5064
Jeremy Daves, Library Assistant II 963-5234
Gordon M. Lukula, Library Assistant II  963-5243
Custodial Services  
Earl Driver, (Lead Worker Custodial Services ) 963-5893
Vacant,  Custodian
Media Centers  
Don McElhiney , Media Specialist  963-7198
Jarvis Sheffield,  Coordinator 963-5743
John Anderson. Media Specialist II 963-7323
Trellini Lunsford, Media Specialist 963-5744
James Scholz, Coordinator of Research and Instructional Services  963-5205
Angel Sloss-Pridgen, Student Success and Outreach Librarian  963-5207
Jennifer Castle, Reference and Government Documents Librarian 963-5207
Matthew Sherman , Scholarly Communications Librarian 963-5212
Toccara Porter , Reference and Interlibrary Librarian 963-1528
Katharine Sadler,  Library Assistant III 963-5059
Vacant, Library Assistant III  963-5243
Special Collections  
Sharon Hull Smith, Head 963-5219
Lisa Parrish, Library Assistant III 963-5238
Michelle Vaughn, Library Assistant III 963-5228