Phil Yan Accomplishment 2020-2021

Library Web
Phil Yan

During FY 2020-2021 my major responsibilities as library web manager involved
creating new web pages for

1. the library's MOBILE website pages creation

2. doing daily routine maintenance for the library

3.  library web pages, debugging and repairing bad URLs

4. troubleshooting vendor --  URLs errors reported by patrons (staff, faculty and students) and working

5. closely with our vendor contacts in several technical support offices in debugging
various technical issues.

6. Additional responsibilities involved maintenance of the Libray3 server web pages (editing and debugging pages and movomg pages to TSU Library main domain

7. Created new web images or Library web programs as needed.

I have been serving as a web consultant to other offices(WRITE, S2S, etc.) and departments on

For 2019 and part of 202-, my responsibility includes creating web pages
for the art galleries at both Avon Williams Library and the main Library of TSU on
a monthly basis.

I took part in the Special Collection Scanning project, my responcibilities include scanning TSU Sports Magazines (Tigers' Home-Coming in 1950s, 1960s,
1970s, 1980s, etc/)

In the coming year, I plan to work closely with TSU IT Department. TSU Public
Relations and other offices as well as our library staff to enhance the performance and
reliability of the library website by using up-to-date technology such as cloud
computing, and software.