Conduct in the Library

The Library seeks to provide an environment that is conducive to scholarly research study, therefore reasonable behavior is expected at all times: Students may be asked to leave the Libraries and Media Centers, if they fail to adhere to library policies.

1.     Please observe all requested Covid 19 Protocols:

       a.      Mask wearing in required.

       b.     All patrons must present an I.D., sign in and be screened when entering the library

       c.      Social Distancing is required. Do not move furniture closer than six feet

       d.     Do not gather in close proximity that is less than six feet .

2.     No group meetings is covered, unless in a classroom.

3.     Study rooms must be reserved:

4.     Devices to listen to music should be used with personal earphones

5.     Cell phone conversations should not take place in open study areas. Please text or exit the building,

6.    Personal items should not be left unattended. The Library is not responsible for loss items.

7.    Briefcases, bags and coats and any other possessions must be offered for examination if requested by Library staff.

8.    Soliciting is not allowed. Passing out of flyers or business cards is not allowed without approval from student activities.

9.    Large group meetings are not allowed, and associations not affiliated with TSU are prohibited from congregating.

10.  Student cannot conduct businesses or activities such as hairstyling, braiding, and barbering in the Libraries.

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