Acquisitions and Serials

The Acquisitions and Serials Department coordinates orders for books, periodicals, and databases. The department also manages the library's preservation activities such as book repair, book binding and periodical binding. Current journal subscriptions are located on the second floor and journal archives are located on the third floor.


Order requests for books can be submitted to the department via the electronic order request form , which can be found on the library's website under Suggest a Purchase .  The ordering deadline for materials is the fourth Friday in March of every fiscal year, and all library book funds should be encumbered by May of each fiscal year. 

Information about the library's policies and procedures concerning developing and maintaining the library's collection can be found in the Collection Development Policy .  It contains the library's selection and weeding philosophies for all aspects of the collection including books, periodicals, government documents, formats, and media.  The policy also covers issues such as resource sharing, gift acceptance, and the book allocation formula. As a rule, the library does not duplicate copies of books.

For periodicals requests, you can submit requests for purchases by using the online electronic order request form or by sending an email to  Please fill in as much information as possible and submit it to the Head of Acquisitions, or to the Electronic Resources Librarian.  Please use the electronic order form for all book and periodical requests, and please check the online catalog to make sure that the library does not currently own the title or have the title on order. 

Databases are purchased on a selective basis due to budget constraints. Requests can be sent either to the director of Libraries and Media Centers or to the Assistant Director for Collection Management.


Departmental allocations are determined by a formula that factors in enrollment in academic majors, the average cost of books in the subject field, the number of academic books annually published on the subject, etc.  Each academic department with a major has a fund account number for its allocation, e.g. Agri Sciences-Dep= Agricultural Sciences.  Departmental Fund Account Codes are available on this website, and from the dropdown menu on the electronic book order form.  Library Fund Account Reports will be distributed from September through May to departmental library representatives by the library liaisons.  Balances for departmental allocations are available from the Head of the Acquisitions & Serials Departments (x5230).


A librarian has been assigned to each TSU academic department on both campuses.  Library liaisons will work with departments to help identify and facilitate cooperative opportunities for building the collection, weeding, compiling bibliographies, locating research materials, and disseminating information to the academic departments.


Glenda Alvin Interim Executive Director of Libraries & Media Centers x5230
Vanessa Owen, Electronic Resources  Librarian, x5226

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