Circulation Policy and Procedures

The Circulation Departments at the Main and Downtown Campus libraries exist to ensure that members of the Tennessee State University community have fair and equitable access to their resources; specifically, in the policies and practices governing the transactions related to the lending of library materials to our patrons.  Some library materials that are located in Special Collections, Reference and Reserves must be used in the library.    

  • Check-Out Guidelines: Patrons must use a current TSU ID card or valid Tennessee Driver’s license to check out library materials.  Patrons are responsible for all library materials charged to their cards and should not loan them to anyone.  Patrons should report the loss of their ID cards to the library circulation staff.
  • Patron categories and policies:
  • Undergraduate students may check out a cumulative total of ten (10) books at any one time for a period of three (3) weeks.
  • Graduate students may checkout a cumulative total of twenty (20) books at any one time for a period of three (3) weeks.
  • Faculty and staff may check out a cumulative total of twenty (20) books at any one time for a period of one (1) semester.
  • Alumni and Community users may check out a cumulative total of four (4) books with a valid Tennessee Driver’s License for up to two (2) weeks and materials can only be renewed in person.
  • Books may be renewed twice by telephone, in-person, or online unless someone has put a hold on the item(s). Patrons may renew their books online by using My Login feature in the online catalog. The library web page also has a “Renew a Book” tab.
  • Books may be returned to either the Main or Downtown Campus Libraries.
  • Any book is subject to recall at any time, within the loan period, if a faculty member requests that it be placed on reserve for class use.  If the book is not returned within two (2) days after recall, a $1.00 per day fine will be assessed.

Main Campus  Library Circulation closes at 11:45 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, 4:15 p.m. on Friday, and 5:45 p.m. on Saturday. Please observe these closing times and allow time for checking out materials.  

The  Main Campus   Library has one self-checkout station for the convenience of those who want to exit the library without going to the Circulation Desk, especially during busy hours.  

Downtown Campus  Library:    Circulation closes at 4:45 p.m.  Sunday, 9:45  Monday through Thursday, a nd  5:15 on Friday and Saturday.  

Policies and Procedures for Collecting Fines and Fees  

For Overdue and Lost Books  

When books that are borrowed by students, faculty, and staff are declared overdue and/or lost,  

fines  and fees are assessed to the individual responsible for the transaction.  Faculty and staff do not pay fines.   Books not returned after the due date  are  assessed ten cents   ($.10) per day  per book . Reserves books not returned after two (2) hours are assessed a twenty-five cents   ($.25) per hour .   Fines will not exceed $10.00 per book.  The library only accepts cash and checks for overdue and lost books.  

The Libraries follow the procedures below for collecting fines and fees for overdue and lost books :  

  • The circulation staff member enters payment of fines/or fees in the patron’s circulation computer record and records a written receipt in triplicate: one for the library, one for the patron, and one for the Bursar’s office.
  • Patron may pay by check or cash.
  • The patron may pay the fine or fee at either campus.
  • Individuals paying by credit card will be directed to the Bursar’s Office to settle their fines/fees.
  • The computer system allows a five-day grace period; however, on the sixth day, the amount will be sixty cents and will continue to increase until it reaches $10.
  • Before deposits are made, the amount(s) will be recorded on a TSU Deposit Form issued by the Bursar’s Office.
  • Funds collected at the Main Campus Library will be deposited in the Bursar’s Office on a daily basis. Funds that are collected after 3:00 p.m. will be secured in a Lock Box and stored in a locked office.
  • Funds collected at the Downtown Campus will be deposited with the Bursar as amounts warrant; however, the amounts should not exceed forty dollars.
  • Courtesy overdue notices are sent to patrons-only one time. The library will place a hold on the patron’s account at the end of the month for overdue materials. Patrons must clear their library obligations before they can register for classes or graduate. 

After one hundred (100) days of the due date, the book (including books with CDs) is declared lost and the patron will be blocked from borrowing or renewing materials at the Library .   A hold will be placed on the patron’s account that will prevent registration,  accessing transcripts,  or receiving a diploma     In addition, the patron's account will be assessed a standard lost item  replacement fee of the value of the book, plus a $25.00 processing fee.  If the value cannot be determined, the library will charge a fee of $50.   A hold will be placed on the patron’s account that will prevent registration, accessing transcripts, or receiving a diploma.  To be reinstated, the patron must meet the aforementioned obligation.  If the book(s) is eventually found, it is still declared lost and no refund will be paid. Unpaid library charges are subject to be assigned to a collection agency.   

Bethany Spencer 615-963-5242 ( Access Services Librarian

Michael Doster 615-963-5204 ( ) Access Services Evening Supervisor 

Mitchell Chamberlain  615-963-7190  ( ), Circulation Librarian Downtown Campus.