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Tennessee State University Archival Collection, 1912-current. The University Archives include digital resources, bibliography of the Afro-American Culture and History Conference, official publications and records of the university, papers of individual members of the administration and faculty, student publications, photographs, video and audio recordings of various campus functions and other materials relating to the University.

The Thomas Edward Poag Collection, 1939-1973.  Dr. Thomas E. Poag founded the Tennessee State University Players Guild in 1939. He served as Director of the Players Guild, Head of the Department of Speech & Drama, and Dean of the School of Arts & Sciences during his tenure of thirty-four years at the University. Materials in the collection included manuscripts of publications, plays, newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks and other miscellaneous types of materials.

  • Isabelle Daniels Holston, 1955-1959 (Melbourne, 1956 - bronze medal) 
  • Kathy McMillan, 1976-1980 (Montreal, 1976 - silver medal) 
  • Martha Hudson Pennyman, 1957-1961 (Rome, 1960 - gold medal) 
  • Wilma Rudolph, 1958-1962 (Melbourne, 1956 - bronze medal; Rome, 1960 - three gold medals) (Note: This document is in .pdf format. In order to view and print the document, you must click here to download Acrobat Reader and install it on your computer.) 
  • Barbara Jones Slater, 1957-1961 (Helsinki, 1952 - gold medal; Rome, 1960 - gold medal) 
  • Mae Faggs Starr, 1952-1956 (Helsinki, 1952 - gold medal; Melbourne, 1956 - bronze medal) 
  • Wyomia Tyus, 1963-1968 (Tokyo, 1964 - two gold medals, silver medal; Mexico City, 1968 - two gold medals) 
  • Willye B. White, 1956-1959 (Melbourne, 1956 - silver medal) 
  • Margaret Matthews Wilburn, 1955-1959 (Melbourne, 1956 - bronze medal)

Men's Track - Ralph Boston, 1958-1961. (Rome, 1960 - gold medal; Tokyo, 1964 - silver medal; Mexico City, 1968 - bronze medal) This TSU Olympian eclipsed the long jump record of the legendary Jesse Owens, and is one of a select number of athletes to win all three medals awarded in an Olympic event.

Avon Williams Collection, 1945-1991. Avon Williams was a civil rights lawyer and prominent state senator for whom the downtown campus was named. This collection consists of memorabilia, newspaper clippings and material from the state senate.

Daniel E. Owens Collection, 1963-1971. The first collection consists of sixty-eight full music scores that were arranged and performed by the Tennessee State Marching Band. The second collection consists of 2,000 albums recorded by great jazz musicians and other artists.

Walter C. Robinson Collection, 1924-1968. The materials in this collection consists of speeches, correspondence, his participation with the Republican Party, 4th Ward Chattanooga, TN and issues of The Chattanooga Observer, edited by Mr. Robinson from 1927-1962.

C. B. Robinson Collection, 1911-1992. The materials in this collection consists of correspondence, newspapers clippings, minutes, programs, speeches, relating to his career as a state legislator from Chattanooga, TN.

The Tennessee State University Alumni Collection, 1912-current. This collection consists of brochures, newspaper clippings, programs and publications relating to alumni of the university

The TSU Sports Hall of Fame Collection, This collection consists of brochures, newspaper clippings, programs and publications relating to sports of the university.   

The Tennessee State University Presidential Records, 1912-current. This collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, programs, reports and speeches relating to the presidents of the university. 

The Eva Bowman Collection, 1900-1984. The  Eva Bowman  Collection consists of biographical data on Bowman; certificates from community activities; general and personal correspondence; photographs (Jean Patton, a pioneer in women's track at TSU and a photograph of Mary McCleod Bethune founder of Bethune-Cookman College.)

Martha Brown Collection, 1930-1956.  The  Martha Brown Collection consists of biographical data on Brown; general & personal correspondence (1930-1949) with the Tennessee Negro Education Association where she was treasurer, form letters, accounts, bills & receipts, writings, programs, newspaper clippings, photographs and prints.

Lois H. Daniel Collection, 1945-1991.  The Lois H. Daniel  Collection consists of biographical information on Daniel, general and personal correspondence, accounts, bills & receipts, writings, speeches, programs, newspaper clippings, photographs, certificates, printed matter, memorabilia and plaques.

George W. Gore Collection, 1922-1982.  Dr. Gore founded the Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society on November 26, 1937.  The George W. Gore Collection consists of biographical data on Gore; general and personal correspondence, accounts, bills & receipts, writings, speeches from his presidency of Florida A. & M. University, programs, and printed matter including Alpha Kappa Mu Honor Society.

Frances Thompson Collection, 1923-1992. The Frances E. Thompson Collection consists of biographical data on Thompson; general and personal correspondence, accounts, bills & receipts, writings by Miss Thompson and other persons, classroom notes, programs, newspaper clippings, photographs such as drawings, printed material from Harvard.

The collection includes photographs, university correspondence, manuscripts, and images of campus buildings, alumni letters, memorabilia, and programs from campus events. 

These images present HBCUs as cultural, social, and political institutions from the early 1800's until today.

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