From the Dean

Jerri Haynes, Ed.D.

DEanAre you ready! In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Education is all geared up to make a difference in your life on campus or online here at TSU. I want to say to each of you, Welcome! You have made the first step to visit the Global Student Support Services lab webpage. I want to extend a warm and sincere welcome from the Global Student Support Services Lab! It gives me great pleasure to share with the College of Education students that we now have a new and improved centralized lab on the second floor of the Robert Clay Hall building. The Global Student Support Services Lab has state of the art 21st-century technology and experienced staff ready to serve you. In the GSSSL, our staff is academically diverse in their professions and educational paths. You will experience three academic/success/career planning coaches and two graduate assistants to accommodate students in the areas of academic support, coaching, career planning, mentoring, and tutoring.

Our GSSSL provides opportunities to reinforce a return on your investments. It is a safe space for students to retreat to study, have group meetings, share and comprise ideas and receive all the essentials that will encourage the time to create, develop and study. We want to make sure you are equipped with knowledge, skills and dispositions when you enter the workforce of teaching and counseling. Please take advantage of these services to go forth to think, work, and serve!

We look forward to helping all our education, and psychology majors meet their academic, career and desired employment goals.

We are here to celebrate, encourage, and provide the best practices to your progression and completion of your academic goals! Please make sure you do your part and utilize the Global Student Support Services Lab. Make it your go-to Letter from the Dean for resources and preparation choices. Be aware and be prepared as it relates to your goals and aspirations.

We look forward to working with you and hope that this journey challenges, cultivates, and creates the best teachers and counselors from Tennessee State University!

Good luck. Have an extraordinary year!

“If you fall behind, run quicker, never surrender, never surrender, and ascend against chances”—Rev. Jessie Jackson