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The mission of the Tennessee State University (TSU) Women’s Center is to promote gender equity by raising awareness of women’s and gender issues, women’s leadership, and celebrating women who challenge, motivate, and inspire.  The TSU Women's Center is committed to meeting the diverse identities of all community members in support of the campus mission  through programming, events, individual and student group advising, and individual engagement opportunities.


In alignment with these goals, we maximize resources and offer student-focused programming to empower individuals and student organizations.  The Women’s Center is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all genders that encourage dialogue and diversity.  Located in the heart of  the campus, The TSU Women's Center offers space for women  to study, relax, host meetings, and  workshops or team up for civic  engagement projects. The Center is currently working toward having a  fully-equipped nursing room that provides a cozy private space for breastfeeding and/or  pumping.

Located in the heart of the campus, the Tennessee State University Women's Center offers the perfect space for women to study and relax, as well as to host meetings, discussions, and workshops.  We envision a safe, diverse environment that will help improve the lives and environment of all women at Tennessee State University as well as the surrounding community.  The Center develops and sponsors programming that enhances the skills of women and assists in their development as scholars and professionals.  All are welcome at the Tennessee State University Women's Center!




The Women's Center staff encourages collaborative efforts within the division of Student Affairs that include career development, stress management, parenting, rape prevention, domestic violence prevention, health and wellness alongside events highlighting women and female-identified writers, activists, artists, political and professional leaders.


The Women's Center will work closely with the university's Women's Studies Program to provide academic courses that explore issues of gender, sexuality, and inequality through examination of the lives and efforts of women.  

Collaborative efforts with varying Nashville community organizations will provide students with additional opportunities that are more equitable for women through advocacy.