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Welcome to the Travel Office.  Our goal is to provide you with timely and efficient service with professionalism and courtesy.  You will find travel related forms and helpful information below.


First, complete a written Travel Requisition Form.

After completing the written Travel Requisition, go into SciQuest (directions below) and fill out the Travel Request Form.  It acts as information for your supervisor so they can approve your Travel Requisition via SciQuest.

After submitting the Travel Request Form in SciQuest, you will be given an 8-digit number which is now your TR number.  Go back into the Travel Request in SciQuest and use the "comment" tab to request your supervisor's approval. Simply type "for your review and approval" in the box and send to your supervisor using the "add comment" button. Tell your Admin to send the packet straight to the Travel Office. The only person who has to physically sign the form is the traveler and all other approvals are obtained via SciQuest.


Login to SciQuest & follow these instructions:

Instructions for SciQuest Travel


After your Travel Requisition has been approved and processed by the Travel Office, contact VIMM Global/Direct Travel at 1-800-935-3454 to secure your airfare. Click here to complete your corporate profile. Fees for airfare will be billed to Tennessee State University.


Travel Requisition (pdf)

Travel Requisition Checklist (pdf)

Purchase Requisition (For Travel Only) (pdf)

Purchase Requisition Checklist (pdf)

Justification for Travel using Title III Funds 

Travel Claim Form  (xls)

Faculty Travel and Event Release  (pdf)

Overseas Authorization  (pdf)

Group/Team Cash Receipt  (pdf)

Student Travel Competition And Event Release  (pdf)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Program Summary

Missing Travel Receipt Affidavit



CONUS Domestic Per Diem Rates

Reimbursement Rates  (pdf)

Visitor Travel  (pdf)

Travel Checklist  (pdf)

Transportation Security Administration


Travel Policies




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