B.L.A.C.K., Inc.

Brothers for Love, Achievement, Culture, & Knowledge

Brothers for Love, Achievement, Culture, and Knowledge began with a series of conversations of different individuals whom decided to search for a way to bring about a positive change in their community. Larrell Wilkinson, Alexander Sellers, Johnny Johnson Jr., and Roderick Rice on many nights, and occasions after church, collaborated and discussed several issues involving obstacles of the African-American man. These four young men wanted to form a group that would change how young black males were viewed negatively, eliminate the barriers that hold black men back in society, and unite young black males to encourage an unified brotherhood in which to accomplish their goals. They decided to start their quest beginning with the place that affected them the most, at home. More specifically they felt that they should start their efforts at their school, Tennessee State University, in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Sunday, February 7th of 1999, 4:00pm, in the apartment of K-60 at Court Villa Apartment Complex, Larrell Wilkinson gathered different male students who shared similar ideals and perspectives of life, to meet and discuss a new idea. Larrell led the meeting’s discussion with themes including: unity, leadership, mentoring, establishing a male presence on campus, combating student apathy on campus, defeating the common negative black male stereotypes and combating the different problems plaguing the black male in society. The goal of this new group was to invoke a “change” on campus. The collection of thirteen individuals who met on that day vowed to be a part of this new group. Therefore in order to become more organized, the officers of the nameless organization were then voted into office.


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