Weekend Mathematics Workshops

Professional Development in Specific Math Content Areas


The Weekend Math Workshops is a pilot program that provides professional development that focuses on building in-service and pre-service teacher's content knowledge in basic mathematical skills in specific math content areas. This professional development is based upon National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards and focal points as well as the Tennessee State New Math Core Standards.

In-service and pre-service teachers have an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience with specific lessons and activities within a topic area and grade band. The workshop emphasizes both hands-on and experiential learning that focuses on math topics, such as:

  • math games;
  • problem solving;
  • numbers and operations;
  • fractions;
  • reasoning with data and probability;
  • geometry;
  • measurement; and
  • pre-algebra.

The workshop also incorporates teaching with curriculum focal points as well as broadening teachers' awareness of technology and math resources that are available to enhance classroom instruction.


The goals of the weekend workshops are to:

  • Provide pre-service and in-service teachers with continued support and professional development that improves their knowledge-base in teaching and learning mathematics in their classrooms;
  • Teach, re-teach, and empower pre-service and in-service teachers in the area of basic mathematical content to be effective leaders in the classroom;
  • To increase pre-service and in-service teacher's level of confidence in teaching mathematics; and
  • Change pre-service and in-service teacher's perceptions and attitudes regarding mathematics.



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(All meetings will be held at Tennessee State University-Avon Williams Campus)
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For more information on Weekend Mathematics Workshops, contact:

Ms. Sosiak Makonnen at sosi_makonnen@tnstate.edu or
Dr. Trinetia Respress at trespress@tnstate.edu.






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