Harrington, Deleware

 Day 3-4   |   May 6-7, 2016


asdf Deleware Department of Agriculture with Lisa Wildermuth

Delegates meet with officials in State of Deleware.  

Ed Kee, Secretary of Deleware Department of Agriculture.

Andrea Tinianow, Division Director, 

Global Deleware, State of Deleware

Wei Qi, Assistant to Director Andrea Tinianow

asdf Chinese delegate, Mr. Kang, standing at a vegetable stand in a farmer's market.
asdf Chinese delegate, Mr. Kang and Mr. Du, with retailer in the farmer's market.
asdf Chinese delegate, Dr. Li talking with Andrewa Tinianow at the farmer's market.
asdf Visit to an orchard in Harrington.
asdf Delegates and Deleware State officials visiting a farm in Harrington.
asdf Farm owner talking to Chinese delegates on growing tomatoes.
asdf Zucchini growing in sandy soil covered by black plastic mulch. 
asdf Head of the Chinese delegate, Miss Yang Yu, visiting a strawberry field in Harrington.
asdf The group visit by Jay Baxter chicken house.