Student Participants

Renas Barzanji

Civil engineering major, working with Dr. Byl on hydrogeology of karst aquifer at TSU research farm. Karst refers to carbonate bedrock with fractures, caves, and sinkholes and has complex hydrology.  The objective of this project will be to characterize the hydrogeology of the karst aquifer at the Tennessee State University (TSU) research farm in Nashville. At the farm, there are 9 wells drilled into bedrock with depths ranging from 175 to 250 feet below ground surface.  A westerly groundwater flow has been calculated using the triangulation method and water level measurements.  The transmissivity and storage capacity of the bedrock aquifer will be evaluated by conducting an aquifer pump test.  During aquifer pump tests, measurements will be taken to determine the cone-of-depression radiating from the pumping well.  Water level data from the research well will be compared to river stage height readings to determine the connection between the river and the karst groundwater. 

Jaquantey Bowens

Biology major, working with Dr. Hui on switchgrass root growth under different precipitation treatments. Switchgrass is an important bioenergy crop. How precipitation change will influence switchgrass root growth is still not clear. We monitored root growth of switchgrass under different precipitation treatments and try to understand how roots of switchgrass are influenced.

Kenya Collins

Biology major, working with Dr. Hui on the effects of biochar and nitrogen applications on switchgrass growth and greenhouse gas emission.

Taylor Patterson

Biology major, working with Drs. Hui and Byl on water quality at TSU wetland. We monitored water quality at TSU wetland using the YSI 6920-V2 Multi-parameter Water Quality sondes. Data have been recorded hourly since 2016. 

Shakarah Nelson

Civil engineering major. Worked with Dr. Byl on the influence of waste water on plant growth.