Centennial Celebration

Celebrating a Rich 100-Year Legacy

Centennial Celebration

In 2012, we will commemorate Tennessee State University’s Centennial and celebrate the remarkable journey that has transformed TSU into a leading institution focused on excellence in scholarly inquiry and research, and life-long learning.

Our Celebration promises to showcase the most exciting events ever held in one year at TSU; and, we will be rolling out the Big Blue carpet for you.  Please take a moment to browse our Centennial website to learn more about upcoming centennial events and explore parts of TSU’s past, present and future.Then, send us your ideas. Share your own TSU story. Get involved in reflecting on our glorious past. 

As the 100th anniversary fast approaches, you are also encouraged to make a gift toward our Centennial Fund. Now is the time to give a little more – more time, more energy, more expertise and, yes, more donations.

Tennessee State University has always been an institution devoted to making a strong impact on the world. As we celebrate our wonderful TSU life, we ask you to join in where you can. Make the commitment today that our celebration will be your celebration, too.

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