Dr. Jing Xu


Jing Xu

Phone: (615) 635.4713
Email: jxu1@tnstate.edu

Major: Postdoctoral Research in Physics
Co-Advisor: Dr. Lizhi Ouyang

Current Research:
Wireless and flexible temperature sensor for lithium-ion batteries

B.S., Xi'an Polytechnic University, Xi'an, China
Ph.D., Donghua University, Shanghai, China

Work Experiences:

2015 - Present Postdoctoral Researcher at Tennessee State University
2013 Organized and participated in the 8th International Conference on Thin Film Physics and Applications (TFPA 2013)
Handling all conference correspondences
Taking charge in the design of propaganda poster 
2010 Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, CAS,
Explored the principle and construct of the model of electromagnetic casting (EMC) of monocrystalline silicon
2009 Tianshui Tianguang Semiconductor Co., LTD in Gansu Province
Studied the manufacturing techniques of integrated circuit 

Research Publications:

  • Xu, J., et al., Structural, vibrational and luminescence properties of longitudinal twinning Zn2GeO4 nanowires. CrystEngComm, 2013. 15(4): p. 764-768
  • Xu, J., et al., Photoluminescence of excitons and defects in ZnSe-based longitudinal twinning nanowires. J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 2014. 47(48): p. 485302.
  • Xu, J., et al., Twinning effect on photoluminescence spectra of ZnSe nanowires. J. Appl. Phys., 2014. 116(17): p. 173303.
  • Xu, J., et al., ZnSe-Based Longitudinal Twinning Nanowires. Adv Eng Mater, 2014. 16(4): p. 459-465.
  • Xu, J., et al., Vibrational and carrier transport properties in Zn2GeO4 nanowires. (Preparing)
  • China National invention patent: Method for preparing p-type CdS nanowires. (CN101979723B)
  • China National invention patent: Manufacturing of zinc germanate longitudinal twin crystal nanowire. (CN103073052B)
  • China National invention patent: A method for preparing ZnO/CdS/Cu2ZnSnS4 pn junction nanorod array. (CN103066154A)

Long-term Goals:

Continue to publish quality papers and acquire a faculty position to teach and do research in the field of materials or physics.

Personal interests:

Chess, sports, and cooking