Dr. Lizhi Ouyang

Associate Professor

dr ouyang

Dr. Lizhi Ouyang
Department of Physics & Mathematics

B.S., Chemical Physics, University of Science & Technology of China
M.S., Physics, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Ph.D., Physics/Chemistry, University of Missouri-Kansas City
M.S., Computer Science, University of  Missouri-Kansas City

Office: 225 Research & Sponsored Programs
Phone: (615) 277.1680 or (615) 963.7764
Email: louyang@tnstate.edu 

Dr. Ouyang's research interests lie in the material interfaces:

  • Solid-Solid Interface
  • Solid-Liquid Interface
  • And Liquid-Liquid Interface etc.


  • Bridging theory for atomistic simulation and nano/micro particle simulation
  • Nanoscale intergranular structure/properties: Al2O3 grain-boundary, Si3N4 intergranular thin film
  • Solid-liquid interface structure/properties: fluorapatite-water interface
  • Electronic structure and properties of biomolecules: Vitamin B12, DNA, Ferrocene peptide, etc



  • Computational Studies of Boron Carbide
  • Modeling of prismatic interface of silicon nitride ceramics
  • REVVO: A Tiny 8-node Power Mac Cluster
  • 3D imaging of ceramics and dental tissue (at ORNL)
  • Mechanical properties of intergranular thin film in Si3N4
  • Calculating X-ray near edge structure (XANES) of Vatimin B12 and its derivatives
  • First-principles modeling of fluorapatite-water interface