Dr. Joshua Moore

Assistant Professor

J moore

Dr. Joshua Moore
Department of Chemistry
Inorganic and Nanomaterials

B.S., University of Pittsburgh
Ph.D., Vanderbilt University

Office: Boswell Science Building Rm 217
Phone: (615) 963.5336
Email: jmoore17@tnstate.edu

Dr. Moore's research interests lie in the areas of synthetic inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, materials science, and nanomaterials. The research efforts in Dr. Moore's lab center on the synthesis of novel inorganic materials at both the macro-/meso- and nano-scales. Fundamental themes present in this research effort is the use of chemically "soft" methods (i.e. solution based, room temperature or low temperature routes) for material preparation and the use of designed, single-source or dual-source molecular precursors used to control the elemental composition of the final material. Areas are of current interest include:

  • Ceramic Nanocomposite Materials
  • Metal Sulfides