The Office of Student Conduct maintains confidentiality in the discipline process.                                            



The Office of Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs welcome you to the campus of Tennessee State University! 

The Student Code of Conduct System applies to all currently enrolled students of the University.


The Student Code of Conduct objectives are to:

1.  Maintain the integrity of the University and members of the campus community

2.  Promote and preserve a safe environment

3.  Exercise proper control over disciplinary matters

4.  Implement established judicial procedures in matters affecting all students accused of violating University policies, rules and regulations


Our system is also a developmental tool with two main goals:

1.  Provide a safe, secure and educational environmental for all students and visitors

2.  To assist students in developing a high degree of integrity and moral character by encouraging acceptance of personal accountability for behavior

Contact this Office with any questions.  Students are our most important resource and we are here to serve you.


Ms. Sonja Revell


The Office of Student Conduct and Judicial Affairs

 Sonja Revell, M.S.,  Certified in Conflict Management and Resolution

This Office is here to serve you! 

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Ms. Sonja Revell   615-963-2156
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