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Admission Guidelines

Application Process:

The application process starts with submitting an application to applying for admission through the Graduate School office. Once you have submitted all of the following materials to the Graduate School office, we will review your application.

All applicants are:

  1. expected to be competent in oral and written English;
  2. expected to satisfy all prerequisite requirements in a particular discipline before enrolling in graduate-level courses in that discipline for credit;
  3. expected to satisfy all prerequisites by the time nine hours of graduate-level work are Complete

All applicants are required to meet the following admission requirements:

  1. 950 points based on the formula: 200 times 4-year undergraduate GPA plus GMAT score or;
  2. 1000 points based on the formula: 200 times Junior-senior GPA plus GMAT score.  

For example, an applicant with a 3.2 GPA (for 4 year undergraduate) and a GMAT score of 530 would calculate: 

3.2 (GPA) x’s 200 + 530 = 1170, which meets the 950 point requirement. 

Additional EMBA Admission Requirements:

The EMBA is designed for experienced business persons holding positions of influence within their organizations and communities with a demonstrated commitment to excellence and who seek higher responsibilities in business leadership.

To complete  your application you are required to provide and take the following documents and steps:



Domestic Students:

  • Fall Admission: July 1
  • Spring Admission: November 1
  • Summer Admission: April 1

Non-Degree Seeking/Certificate Students

  • Fall Admission: August 15
  • Spring Admission: January 15
  • Summer Admission: May 30

International Students:

Applicants Currently Residing Outside the U.S.

  • Fall Admission: April 1
  • Spring Admission: September 1
  • Summer Admission: February 1

Applicants Currently Residing Within the U.S.

  • Fall Admission: June 1
  • Spring Admission: October 1
  • Summer Admission: March 1

International  Applicants

Non-Degree Applicants

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