Undergraduate Research in Applied Mathematics

Filling the Gap Between Mathematics and Other STEM Areas

The Department of Mathematical Sciences at Tennessee State University has as its goal to develop and implement an applied mathematics program, which is designed to fill the gap between mathematics and other STEM areas. This will be achieved using a set of strategically constructed interventions that include, but are not limited to development of new courses and curricula related to applied mathematics, institutionalization of a new concentration in applied mathematics for undergraduate mathematics majors and enhancement of research experiences. Collectively, these strategies are expected to increase the overall number of mathematics majors at the institution and build the science capacity and infrastructure of it.

The Summer Research Workshops for Undergraduates are open to all STEM students currently enrolled in an HBCU. The program consists of a five-week-long research on different topics and will provide an stipend of $1,000 and lodging. For application and topics see Summer Workshops.

Seminar Series in Applied Mathematics and its contribution to different areas of sciences will be held at Tennessee State University three times per semester from Spring 2013 to Spring 2015. The purpose of the Seminar Series is to expose undergraduate students to the uses of applied mathematics in engineering and different areas of sciences. For a description see Seminar Series.


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For information please contact us at mathreu [AT] tnstate.edu


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