Roxane PajoulRoxane Pajoul 

Assistant Professor
Department of Languages, Literature, and Philosophy

152 Humanities Building

Ph.D. in French, Vanderbilt University

M.A. in French, Vanderbilt University
M.A. in American History, Paris VII (France)
B.A. in Anglophone Studies, Paris VII (France)

Dr. Pajoul is a native of France and has Martinican origins. Her dissertation examined taboo topics in the Francophone Caribbean, particularly questions of homosexuality and race in Martinique, Guadeloupe and Haiti.

In her courses of all levels, Dr. Pajoul values oral production, a marketable skill that she deems essential to her students' success in any profession. She also encourages her students to develop critical thinking through the analysis of short music clips, films, and images, especially regarding the question of race in France.

Her research interests include:

-- Taboos, silences, tensions in Caribbean literature and culture – particularly homosexuality, race and politics.

-- Women and Gender Studies: representations and use of the female body in literature, films and media.

-- Black France: the ideals of French universalism versus the reality of French multiculturalism.

Selected Conference Presentations:
“Moral Perversion: Politics of Contamination in Emile Zola’s La Curée”
South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) – November 2015

“The Vanderwiki Project: a social pedagogies approach to cultural issues in France”
Tennessee Foreign Language Teaching Association (TFLTA) – November 2013

“Réappropriation/reconstruction de soi: être citoyenne haïtienne sous la dictature Duvalier”
Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) – May 2012

Classes Taught at TSU
FREN-1010: Elementary French I
FREN-1020: Elementary French II
FREN-2010: Intermediate French I
FREN-2020: Intermediate French II

Select University and Departmental Committees:
LLP Curriculum Committee