Reserve a Room

Scheduling Policies  & Procedures

Library Classrooms

The use of library classrooms and study rooms are coordinated through the Reference Department.  Requests can be made by contacting the department by phone (963-5201, 963-5205), by fax (963-5224), or by e-mail through  the "Ask-Us" link under "Services"  on the library homepage.

Library Conference Room

Use of the library conference room is authorized and scheduled by the Library Director's office (963-5212, 963-5203)

Notice of Confirmation

Once availability is determined, requestors will be contacted by phone and/or e-mail for confirmations.  In some cases, previously confirmed dates/times may have to be altered due to unforeseen and/or unanticipated circumstances (especially in the event of technology malfunctions), and library faculty/staff will make every effort to inform requestors in advance or seek alternative solutions.

Smart Classrooms & More

Due to many demands for use of library classrooms and meeting spaces, the library faculty/staff also coordinate with teaching faculty and other requestors in identifying suitable locations in their  "home" buildings for information literacy, bibliographic instruction, and/or library orientation presentations.   "Smart" classrooms and/or regular classrooms have been used with success for these purposes, due to the availability of wired and wireless Internet access in campus facilities.

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