Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do you access the library's online databases off campus? Click on Remote Access on the library's homepage and follow the instructions for Tennessee State University Remote Access to Online Resources.

2. What is TSU’s Internet/World Wide Web address?

3. How do you connect to the TSU Library from TSU’s website/homepage? Click on "Library"

4. From the library’s homepage, what would you select to locate books? Online Catalog

5. What would you select to locate computerized periodical resources? Databases

6. What would you select to locate TSU historical information? Special Collections

7. What is Interlibrary Loan? A system that allows use of materials from other libraries.

8. Name two ways a TSU student can activate photocopiers in the library. a) By activating their student ID b) by purchasing a Tiger Card for copies

9. In the Periodical Holdings list, what do the letters M and W represent? Main and Williams Campus Libraries

10. What person completed all requirements for graduation from TSU except the senior project and was awarded a degree in 1987 in recognition of outstanding career achievements? Oprah Winfrey


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