Remote Sensing Lab @ TSU

Laboratory of Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis (LARSA) is a core lab established to meet the Remote Sensing (RS) and Spatial Analysis (SA) research and educational needs of the Department of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences (DAES), the College of Agricultural, Human and Natural Sciences (CAHNS) and Tennessee State University (TSU). The lab is used for nurturing the efforts of the DAES to deliver leadership skills and knowledge necessary to solve the most prominent agricultural and environmental problems. These include but are not limited to production of sustainable food and energy (biofuel), mitigation of environmental degradation and adaptation of environment and natural resources to changing climate.

In this respect, the LARSA is intended to be used for:

a) advancing interdisciplinary RS and SA research applied in agriculture, natural resources and environment;

b) supporting RS and SA research handling capacity of CAHNS faculty and students; and

c) maintaining geo-computational capacity and access including equipment, hardware and software.


The LARSA's mission is to maintain and lead state-of-art research and training capabilities, facilities and supports of RS principles, practices and applications at the College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Sciences, Tennessee State University.




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