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southern word teaching tsu class

Southern Word Returns to TSU!

Southern Word, an area organization committed to increasing literacy through poetry and spoken word, will send Poet lecturers to classrooms this year to teach the fundamentals poetic performance. "Students participating in spoken word programs report improvement in their reading and writing skills, increased self‐confidence, and a new sense of community among their peers and teachers. Educators report a clear rise in interest among students, a more youth‐driven learning environment, and evidence of greater social and academic confidence among students."

Select Classes - Fall 2016


Elaine Teaching

Engl 3110: Creative Writing Short Story
Instructor: Dr. Phillips

Catalog Description: A workshop in short story writing. The course examines the techniques and problems involved in writing the short story and places emphasis on the use of the senses and the writing about the experience of living.


 Engl 4920: Advanced Poetry Writing
Instructor: Dr. Pinkard

In advanced workshop in writing poetry we will give close attention to your poetry.  We will read and discuss a variety of poetic forms, with a special interest in African American poetic form. The course examines the techniques involved in writing poetry by folding in approaches to various poetic modes and relating poetry to other forms of art. The course covers such elements of poetry as rhythm, lineation, image-making, and figurative language. Each week we will discuss the work of renowned poets, and critique the poems of workshoppers. We will engage in longer works and more strategic approaches toward revision. By the end of the course, students will have a number of polished and completed poems. Understanding the demands and rewards of a poetry inspired life will be our shared goal and motivation.