About the Academy

Inaugural Academy Details: July 14th -19th

  • Thirteen (14) selected HBCUs has been selected for cohort one. Each HBCU will send an Campus Innovation Team to TSU’s Avon Williams downtown Nashville campus
  • Innovation teams will consist of a visionary leader/president, innovative faculty, a STEAM student and an IT professional
  • Other academy attendees will include TSU C2 partners from Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS ), Motlow State Community College (MSCC) and the Nashville Coalition of 100 Black Women who will serve as facilitators
  •  HBCU C2 Innovation Campus Teams Call to Action:
    • Engage in app development: From idea to product prototype in an accelerated design process—implementation teams will embrace a community challenge and design an app prototype that can serve as a solution
    • Take first steps learning the foundational concepts for coding with Swift
    • Work as a team within and across sites to develop and showcase promising practices and explore possibilities for bringing Cto their home campuses and communities 
  • Following the academy, TSU will continue to support the inaugural HBCUs through a year long professional development training series and personal mentorship on their home campuses

Following the academy, TSU will continue to support the inaugural HBCUs through a year-long professional development training series and personal mentorship on their home campuses.

  The HBCU Innovation Team will: 
- Establish a C2 Innovation Plan for their Campus (by Oct 2019)
- Become an Apple Teacher (by Dec 2019)
- Attend a Sessions at local Apple store (Fall 2019)
- Enroll in TSU C2 PD/Class/Workshop (Fall 2019) to continue their learning


Campus needs assessment (Starts at the Academy)
- Start with ‘WHY’
- Identity challenges and opportunities

Curriculum and program integration opportunities (Fall 2019)
- Review computer science standards, curriculum, and classes where C2 can have a powerful impact
- Beyond computer science, analyze C2 opportunities across the campus disciplines
- Opportunity to align with TSU C2 App Development Courses and programs for a possible partnership degree offering
- Summer C2 academy planning guide for your home campus

Learning Spaces and IT Environment Design (Fall 2019)
- Campus Mobile lab design
- Coding and creativity tools
- Equipment allocation and assignment strategies

C2 professional development pathways (Fall 2019)

Community Connections (Spring 2019)
- assist the teams in identifying noted educational partners from Pre-K public schools, community colleges, and the community for addressing a seamless pathway for C2  
- facilitate a HBCU C2 App Showcase of educational and workforce apps designed and developed by their students and faculty,
- Connect to local Apple retail stores and Apple education team

Success Metrics (Spring 2019)
- Onsite evaluation of the impact of C2 on their campus